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Shenghydrogen Hydrogen Production and Honeywell Sign Hydrogen Energy Strategic Cooperation

May 13, Sheng Qing  Hydrogen and Honeywell signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on green hydrogen industry chain in Beijing, formally establishing a strategic partnership.Through this cooperation, Sheng Qing  Hydrogen will cooperate with Honeywell's advanced control technology and global best practices to promote the high-quality development of the company's hydrogen industry chain including green hydrogen production, transportation, use and sales, help China achieve its "double carbon" goal, and promote global clean energy transformation.

The collaboration will include, but not be limited to, commercialization and manufacturing technologies for green hydrogen. Honeywell Will Provide Services for the Implementation of Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Project Including optimization design, optimization scheduling and control, remote predictive maintenance and other automation solutions and digital software, involving DCS, PLC, process simulation software, field instruments, hydrogen detection instruments and other technologies and tool systems, to jointly explore digital and intelligent hydrogen production transformation.

We will establish cooperation in sustainable development areas such as green hydrogen based on specific needs, solve key issues in the industry, help users use hydrogen energy with high quality, safety, and reliability, while improving product quality, reducing manufacturing costs and energy consumption.

In addition, everyone will jointly explore new technologies and applications in the hydrogen energy industry, integrate the industry ecosystem, promote the healthy development of the hydrogen energy industry chain, and accelerate the green transformation of energy.

In the future, Sheng Qing  Hydrogen will work together with Honeywell to strengthen industrial capacity and jointly develop high-performance core equipment, optimize production and manufacturing processes, and enhance equipment capabilities. We will continuously expand the comprehensive application mode of clean energy and strive to provide higher quality and more reliable hydrogen energy solutions for global customers.

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